Beauty & wellness, decentralized.

Manecoin powers trust and rewards on the ManeStreem platform.

It's like Uber for your hair (and luxury services). A pro comes to your house, cuts your hair, and they keep all of the money. It's cheaper for you, and it's more money for them. Win-win.

The Problem

Lost Revenue

Service providers in the beauty industry lose out on revenue because they can't go directly to the customer. Shop owners (middlemen) take a cut of everything they make.


To cover operational costs of brick and mortar shops, customers are overcharged for services provided to them. Customers are also encouraged to pay high tips.

Broken Trust

Thirdy party review systems controlled by a central party have repeatedly proven that they can't be trusted. This is problematic for in-home service providers.

The Solution

No Middlemen

By providing on-site, direct-to-consumer services, providers keep all of the money that a shop owner would normally take. If MANE tokens are used, we don't even take a cut.

Major Discounts

Because there is no middleman to pay, and because the operational overhead is much lower, you pay much less for services provided. Everyone wins.

Decentralized Reviews

Verified customer reviews are published to the Blockchain, so consumers know they can be trusted. These reviews are public and out of the control of any third party.

ManeCoin is Disrupting a 500 Billion Dollar Beauty Industry

The most valuable retailer, has no inventory.
The world's largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.
Fastest growing on-demand beauty company, freelance driven.
Largest accomodation provider, owns no real estate.

What is Manestreem?

ManeStreem, the world’s first on-location beauty and wellness platform, has been in business for more than 3.5 years. With over 25,000 registered beauty professionals and over 200,000 active clients, ManeStreem is the premier on-demand beauty services provider. The ManeStreem app is available for download in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Download the ManeStreem app today.

ManeStreem is the future of holistic health, providing a smart app that lets users book onsite appointments with beauticians, stylists, and other wellness providers. We make it easy for men and women to look and feel their best while staying on budget.

We worked to solve the challenging task of finding the right stylist or experience when you’re new to an area, need new care, or have a special event that you’re not sure how to prepare for next. With portfolios, bios, and reviews, you get a curated list of experts who are willing to come to you to work their magic.

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Beauty on tap

Capital raised
Clients on Platform
Registered professionals
Major US Cities


Piggy bank
More beauty rewarding for everyone

ManeStreem currently connects 15,000 providers in 22 cities to more than 150,000 delighted customers all through a simple, smart app platform. It’s on-demand fashion that is easy to understand, full of honest reviews, and can make anyone feel and look like a celebrity.

Tokens ready for growth

ManeStreem continues to expand our roster of partners and suppliers, including new luxury brands and names. As we grow through ManeCoins token sales, we’ll leverage funds to increase these relationships and expand the value of our brand and our tokens.

Rewards for customers and brands

By providing a high-volume ManeCoin at a stable, low value, we are empowering brands to be able to establish rapport with consumers and service providers. ManeStreem will help brands advertise and grow their presence, while customers receive tokens and can eventually exchange them for new services.

Supporting in-demand professionals

Beauty and health professionals use ManeCoins to advertise their services on our platform, buying directly from us. That’s the only cut we take. When a customer pays for their service, the professional gets full payments less any credit card processing fees. Providers can keep their service prices low and use us as an alternative to traditional advertising costs.

Why blockchain?

Maintain independence, honesty & authority

Unlike others in the beauty space, we’re relying on blockchain to create a service that’s completely independent and fair for our users. They can pick their preferred professionals, leave honest reviews, and share photos of successes. Blockchain ensures that only those who have paid for and received a service can leave a review, so our system has trust built into its core.

Plus, we will incentivize honest reviews by rewarding customers with tokens when they rate their service no matter the outcome. Verified reviews with options for photo evidence will help us curate a service that only grows more reliable and enticing over time.

Security & safety for all participants

The blockchain running behind our app won’t interfere with any of the services or interactions that our customers are familiar with today. Our new solution will work to verify all transactions and create a ledger that links massage therapists with clients and a clear record of who connects when and where.

Blockchain data also allows for smarter connections and management, generating more useful recommendations as well. Using ERC-20 compatible tokens means we work with many of today’s leading wallets. Customers and businesses can use the wallets they prefer, making it safe and reliable.


  • Private Sale

    • 1 ETH = 10,000 MANE
    • Ends May 2nd, 2018

  • ICO Presale

    • 1 ETH = 5,000 MANE

  • ICO Phase 1

    • 1 ETH = 3,300 MANE

  • ICO Phase 2

    • 1 ETH = 2,500 MANE

  • ICO Phase 3

    • 1 ETH = 2,000 MANE


Santos Gonzalez - CEO

With 15+ years experience in the technology sector, Santos leads the ManeStreem team as the Co-Founder and CEO. A graduate of the Rider University, Santos led Digital First Media, a Google Partner organization, where he supervised the functioning of 8 offices and 100 employees. He’s also known for his pivotal leadership at TechMedia Network, where, under his leadership, the annual revenue grew by $40 MM in a period of less than a year, which led to the company’s acquisition by Purch, Inc. At, Santos served as a senior leader and helped accomplish a record revenue growth in excess of $100 MM.

Isaac Nakash - President

You likely know him from his work as a social media sensation, reaching millions of subscribers and leading the world’s largest beauty content generator on YouTube in 2016. Isaac’s innovative approach to commanding and retaining an online audience helped him generate more than one billion views. He is also an avid developer and has played a significant role in the creation of more than a dozen commercialized cross-platform applications.

Florian Erlemann - CTO

ManeStreem Partner and Chief Technology Officer is Florian Erlemann, a leader in the development space with experience in team management as well as back-end and front-end development. Mr. Erlemann worked as a BlackBerry Elite developer before spending two years in the music industry, creating a Ben Horowitz-backed technology at Disruptive Multimedia.

Kim Lincoln - Creative Director

Meet Kim Lincon, the lead designer owner of Lynx & Co. - a local design studio in N.Liberties. Her and her team are our go to designers for everything and anything Manestreem. She collaborated with a handful of small business, but also some heavy hitters such as some of M.Night Shyamalan, Sylvester Stallone, Elizabeth Arden and Adidas.

Aaron Krause - Advisory Board

Aaron Krause is an accomplished entrepreneur and inventor with more than 20 years of experience in patenting and manufacturing innovative products. With patented products for major big-box retailers such as industry-giant 3M Company, Mr. Krause prides himself on hard work, dedication, and imagination.

Martino Cartier - Advisory Board

Salon Owner, Celebrity Stylist, Industry Educator, Philanthropist, and ManeStreem Brand Evangelist, Martino Cartier has expanded his reach beyond fashion and beauty, into the design and marketing of user-friendly styling tools and accessories.

Ryan Leslie - Advisory Board

Also joining our Advisory Board is Ryan Leslie, a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur from Washington D.C. After graduating from Harvard with a degree in political science and macroeconomics at the age of 19, he began his career in the music industry where he built his own music-media company, NextSelection Lifestyle Group.

Jim Demarco - Advisory Board

James DeMarco, a Daytime Emmy Winning Makeup Artist and skin care expert has been beautifying Hollywood’s leading ladies and men for seventeen years. James began his career both in front of and behind the camera in Philadelphia, his hometown. He appeared in the hit films UP CLOSE and PERSONAL, SNAKE EYES AND FALLEN.

Alan Zeiger - Advisory Board

Alan Zeiger most recently served as the head of Blank Rome’s Business Department, consisting of more than 250 attorneys practicing globally in numerous industries. He represents public and private companies and private equity funds, as well as entrepreneurs.

Joe Messa - Advisory Board

Joseph L. Messa, Jr. is the founding partner of Messa & Associates, P.C. He is an AV-rated attorney (highest rating available), listed in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. Mr. Messa handles cases involving medical malpractice, products liability, transportation accidents, construction and workplace injuries, fire, medical device, drug products liability, and other fields of complex personal injury litigation.

Saransh Sharma - Advisory Board

Mr. Sharma has deep experience and perspective ranging over 18 years in the sectors of Financial Services Healthcare, Hospitality, Real Estate, Social Media, Aviation, Environmental Services and Entertainment. Mr. Sharma’s tenure started on Wall Street working for AllianceBernstein LP, an asset management company with over 890 Billion in assets under management.

Kenton Brookings - Advisory Board

Kenton Brookings is a savvy business professional whose career has spanned across many fields and professions from playing professional football in the NFL, to managing security for one of the nation's largest nightlife and entertainment companies. Kenton, takes investor relations to a whole new level by marrying personal interaction with professionalism, that has gained him the respect and admiration from all walks of today's business world.

Denise Pereau - Vice President of Global Provider Services

ManeStreem’s VP of Global Service Providers takes the wheel, steering the rapidly growing provider base. Her experience commanding legendary projects, managing teams assembled from throughout the US, for L’Oreal’s Haute Coiffure Francaise, as Styles Director for the 50th year anniversary celebration in Paris, received a standing ovation from the international assemblage, and on Broadway for The International Art and Fashion Group on behalf of Revlon Professional. Denise’s impressive capability to bring out the best in others is evident as she sets the pace, leading by example.


  • Q1 | Q2 2015

    • January
      • Designed and tested proof of concept
    • February
      • Developed 3 member provider growth team
    • June
      • Submitted beta version for iOS testing
      • Version 1.0 User app accepted to the iOS app store
      • Version 1.0 Provider app accepted to the iOS app store

  • Q3 | Q4 2015

    • October
      • Soft Launch Phase
    • November
      • Reached 200 active providers, 300 pending providers
    • December
      • Service Providers in 22 states out of 50
      • Android Provider app launch 1.0

  • Q1 | Q2 2016

    • January
      • Launched Android User version 1.0
    • February
      • Advanced Scheduler Completion
    • March
      • 750 active providers
      • Launched laser focused Instagram and Facebook campaign
      • Re-design UI
      • Hard Launch Phase (Tech & Marketing)
    • May
      • 75% MOM transaction growth
    • June
      • 100% MOM growth

  • Q3 | Q4 2016

    • July
      • 1,500 Active Providers
    • August
      • Social Media integration
      • Soft launch in NYC
    • September
      • Launch of Website 2.0 with live booking feature
    • November
      • Android V2 Launch
    • December
      • Soft Launch in Southern Florida

  • Q1 | Q2 2017

    • January- March
      • ManeStreem +Plus Soft Launch
    • February
      • Provider marketing campaign launched in three major markets
    • March
      • Execution of Social Influencer marketing campaign
      • Product Sales integration via website

  • Q3 | Q4 2017

    • July
      • PHL, Streem X soft launch.
    • August
      • MIA, Streem X soft launch.
      • PHL, Streem X hard launch
      • Launch Hotel Initiative
    • September
      • NYC, Streem X soft launch
      • MIA,Streem X hard launch
      • Launch V3 of app
    • October
      • LA, Streem X soft launch
      • NYC, Streem X

  • Q1 2018

    • Q1
      • Manecoin are sold and distributed
      • Launched Global beauty provider recruitment
      • Achieve 30,000 registered beauty professionals
    • Q2
      • Integration of Blockchain begins
      • Ability to purchase ManeStreem services using Manecoin
      • Added ability to tip beauty professionals with tokens
      • Achieve 50,000 registered beauty providers globally
      • Token sale is complete
    • Q3
      • Expansion into 50+ Cities world-wide
      • Aggressive global marketing begins
      • ManeStreem launches product line, offering the world’s largest in-home sales force
      • Beauty Streem Launch: Clients and professionals can now post pictures and get rewarded with Manecoins
    • Q4
      • ManeStreem signs first Sponsorship deal with major beauty brand to aid in their in-home sales efforts
      • Blockchain integration complete, all transactions can be seen through an online ledger
      • ManeStreem establishes itself as the World’s first on-demand Beauty, Health, and wellness platform on blockchain

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